History, Present and Future.


On a very sad 15th June of 2014 Flixtor unexpectedly shuts their doors. This included:

As a user of Flixtor i was baffled. I saw a amazing piece of software shut its doors without a warning or message to explain why.
After a while i found out that the team was not to careful when it came to protecting their identities.
TorrentFreak later posted an article explaining what exactly happend with the Flixtor Developers.
The MPAA had been to the house of the main developer, they had harrased him and were going to take him to court.
The MPAA was already talking about fines around the $20.000, unless operations were seized.

I can only say that he did what he had to do. Going into legal troubles with certain parties is just not worth it.


Flixtor is back!
As you might have heard by now, Flixtor is back in business. And we are better than ever before!
Armed with a new team and tons of ideas and features yet to come out, we will bring you an amazing experience.

      Some of our new features: